Admission into the New Urban Guild has always been a very arbitrary and restrictive process. This is because we must be able to personally vouch for a prospective member’s ability to work at high levels of excellence and speed in a very collaborative charrette setting. That leaves out many excellent architects and designers simply because we have not personally worked with them on a charrette yet.

For years, we have been looking for a way to affiliate with people who support the principles of the New Urban Guild, but whose work we do not personally know. Here, finally, is how we are proposing to do it:

If you are an architect, designer, planner, developer, or builder, and if you support the principles laid out in our mission, then consider becoming a New Urban Guild Affiliate. We will soon post a sign-up form here, and will begin compiling the New Urban Guild Affiliate Directory, which will list you, your contact info, your website, and a brief description of your practice. For now, email to let us know you’re interested. We’ll have the Directory active before long.

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