Doug Farr

Farr Associates

The Monadnock Building
53 West Jackson, Suite 650
Chicago, IL 60604


Identified by the New York Times as “the most prominent of the city’s growing cadre of ecologically sensitive architects” and by the Chicago Tribune as “a leader in the anti sprawl movement,” Farr Associates is widely regarded as one of the most sustainable planning and architecture firms in the country.  Farr Associates is unique from many firms in that its staff includes both architects and planners. This provides us with a comprehensive perspective on zoning, subdivision, and building codes, as well as exposure to the most current sustainable site and building development practices. The firm certified its fifth LEED Platinum building in 2011 and has certified three LEED-ND developments to date, with many more underway.

Doug Farr is the founding principal of Farr Associates. Based in Chicago, the firm is widely regarded as one of the most sustainable practices in the country, recently certifying its fifth LEED Platinum building.

Doug was the founding chair of the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED for Neighborhood Development (LEED-ND) Core Committee- the interdisciplinary group of professionals that created this first ever rating system for sustainable land development. Launching in 2009, LEED-ND integrates smart growth, walkability, and green building practices into standards and metrics that scale up sustainability to a neighborhood level. Based on the firm’s pioneering sustainable design practice and his insights gained from chairing LEED-ND, Doug authored the urban planning best-selling book Sustainable Urbanism: Urban Design with Nature in 2008. 

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