Christine Franck

Director, Contemporary Traditional Architecture Initiatives
College of Architecture and Planning, University of Colorado Denver

1250 14th Street, Suite 2000
Denver CO 80204


CHRISTINE G. H. FRANCK is a designer, educator, and author. Her design work ranges from award-winning residential design to preservation, landscape and decorative projects.  In addition, she teaches, lectures, and writes on the topics of architectural design, contemporary and historic Classical architecture and American domestic architecture.

Complementing her design work, Franck’s practice includes teaching, the development and direction of educational programs, consultation on architectural education, and non-profit leadership.  She has developed, directed and administered programs for institutions such as the Institute of Classical Architecture & Art (ICAA) and The Prince of Wales’s Foundation.  She has also held teaching appointments from the schools of Architecture at the University of Notre Dame and the Georgia Institute of Technology.

In addition to numerous essays and articles, she is the author of José M. Allegue, A Builder’s Legacy and Winterthur Style Sourcebook: Traditional American Rooms. Her design work has been published in magazines and books such as Architecture, Residential Architect, New Old House, Period Homes, The Classicist No. 6 and exhibited at shows such as Buildings Made by Hand, The Art of Building Cities, A Decade of Art and Architecture, and New Palladians.

Before establishing her own practice to focus on design and architectural education, she interned with the offices of Allan Greenberg, Architect and Duany Plater-Zyberk & Co. in Washington, DC and served as the first Executive Director of the Institute of Classical Architecture & Art. In 2013 she was appointed the first Director of the Contemporary Traditional Architecture Initiatives at the University of Colorado Denver College of Architecture and Planning where she is developing the nation’s first Center of Advanced Research in Traditional Architecture (CARTA) at the University of Colorado Denver. All aspects of her work are ethically focused on improving the built environment and quality of life of all individuals.

She has been honored for both her educational and design work.  In 2002 HRH The Prince of Wales awarded her with the first and only Public Service Award of The Prince’s Foundation for the Built Environment for her outstanding contribution to the study of architecture and design. Her design work has garnered prizes as diverse as a Palladio Award for new residential construction and the John Staub and Historic Fort Worth awards for preservation.

Ms. Franck currently serves or has served as trustee and advisor of the Institute of Classical Architecture & Art (ICAA), the International College of Chapters of the International Network of Traditional Building, Architecture and Urbanism (INTBAU), INTBAU USA, the National Civic Art Society (NCAS) and the University of Notre Dame School of Architecture. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Architecture from the University of Virginia and a Master of Architecture from the University of Notre Dame. Her design sensitivity was developed at an early age in her hometown of Williamsburg, Virginia.

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