Marina Khoury

Duany Plater-Zyberk & Company

320 Firehouse Lane
Gaithersburg, MD 20878


A partner at Duany Plater-Zyberk & Company and Director of its Washington since 2007, Marina Khoury is a licensed architect with 20 years of professional practice. Her 15 years at DPZ have brought her extensive national and international experience in regional and community planning, sustainable urban development, downtown revitalization plans and form-based coding throughout the United States, Canada, Europe and the Middle East. As project director, she spear-headed Miami 21, and was instrumental in helping to successfully transform the City of Miami's use-based zoning code into the largest-known adoption of a form-based code. She has lectured nationally and internationally on issues related to the creation of sustainable communities and has written articles on new urbanism and form-based codes. Marina’s sense of design is deeply rooted in the local historical and vernacular traditions of the place in which she is working from the largest scale of the region, down to the smallest scale of the building. Due to her extensive, hands-on experience with urban development projects at DPZ, she has developed a unique expertise in guiding their successful implementation. This experience has allowed her to be directly involved in every capacity of projects from their inception through their completion, including leading and facilitating charrettes, project coordination, code calibrations, guiding site planning and design, plans approvals and implementation. Having lived in Florida until 2007, Khoury served in a number of community leadership positions. She became the fi rst female architect appointed to the City of Miami's Urban Development Review Board in 2001. She taught as an Adjunct Professor at the Design and Architecture High School (DASH) from 1993-1999 and was a member of their Advisory Board from 2000-2007. She currently serves on the following Boards: the Resource Council for the Form-Based Code Institute (FBCI), the Center for Applied Transect Study (CATS), and the Transect Codes Council (TCC).

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