Louis Nequette

Nequette Architecture & Design

2223 2nd Ave North
Birmingham, AL 35203


Louis brings to the firm of Dungan & Nequette Architects early career experience in large commercial and educational projects, as well as industrial projects up to 300,000 square feet. These experiences were supplemented with "smaller scale" commercial office and residential projects from neighborhood design to single family residences. Louis and Jeff Dungan met in 1997 and quickly developed a friendship that was based on enjoyment of their profession, similar personal values and a complementary vision of Architecture. The friendship grew into a professional relationship with the formation of Dungan & Nequette Architects in early 1999 Dungan & Nequette Architects started out of a 10'x12' sunroom at the Nequette residence with a focus on bringing value to their clients by delivering the highest quality work possible. Consistent success in exceeding the client's expectations forced the firm to relocate three times in its first year. The twelve person firm now resides in the Dr. Pepper Building at Pepper Place on Second Ave South.

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