Nathan Norris

Downtown Development Authority

735 Jefferson Street
Lafayette, LA 70501


The Guild was originally the brainchild of Nathan Norris. Originally conceived as a device to create house plans for Gorham's Bluff in north Alabama, the Guild was expanded to its later conception through collaboration between Nathan and Steve Mouzon. Nathan is the only non-designer in the Guild, with a background in the law and in marketing.

When it comes to placemaking, Nathan makes the difference. Between lackluster performance and stellar sales. Between turbulent process and smooth implementation. Between a good project and a great one. As a Principal with PlaceMakers, Nathan provides developers and municipalities with proven implementation strategies and battle-tested tactics. Not just for ensuring that traditionally-designed projects are done right, but for maximizing the return on every dollar.

Nathan is acutely aware and sensitive to the issues facing a developer long after the master plan has been crafted, having worked on several successful development teams and having developed considerable expertise by regularly visiting and studying major New Urban developments throughout the U.S. and Canada. Nathan uses his creativity and connections within the industry to leverage opportunities for his clients. The "Tipping Point 50" program at Gorham's Bluff and the "Whisper Campaign" at The Waters are examples of these skills. Today, as its Director of Marketing and Sales, Nathan is helping drive the success of The Waters, a 2,400 unit traditional neighborhood development in Montgomery, Alabama, poised to become a national model for planning, implementation and marketing. Nathan served as the Project Leader for the New Urban Development Project System, a rating system that encourages the building of better places by identifying the degree to which they adhere to the time-tested principles of placemaking.

He serves as a member of the Corresponding Committee for the Leadership in Energy and Efficiency Design - Neighborhood Development ("LEED-ND"), a system for rewarding developers who build Smart Growth projects. Nathan received his undergraduate degree from the University of Virginia and his law degree from the University of Alabama. He served as an Army JAG officer with the 1st Cavalry Division as well as a JAG officer with the Alabama Air National Guard. He is an active member of the Alabama Bar Association, the Alabama Association of Realtors, and the Congress for New Urbanism. Nathan is also a frequent speaker to organizations and groups interested in placemaking as an economic development tool. 

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