Chris Ritter

Chris Ritter, Illustrations & Design


Chris Ritter is an illustrator, architect, and urban designer, focusing most of his effort on the fast paced environment of urban planning and architecture charrettes. He received a masters degree of architecture in urban design from Harvard University in 1999, and a bachelor of architecture from the University of Miami in 1995. He worked for Dover Kohl and Partners right out of undergraduate studies, where he received an introduction to New Urbanism, and  participated in the planning of districts, towns and neighborhoods, mainly in South Florida. After graduate school, Chris worked for Chan Krieger and Associates in Cambridge, MA for 4 years as an architect and planner, specializing in vision and redevelopment plans for  the waterfronts of major American cities like Dallas, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, and Washington DC. He also worked on plans for retrofitting some of Boston's neglected and under utilized urban spaces, and for incorporating a new Major League Baseball stadium into downtown Boston. Chris began working for himself as an Illustrator in 2003, and specializes in large scale, aerial perspectives that show urbanism and architecture in detail. He has clients and projects all across the east coast of the US, and in New Zealand and Guatemala. Noteworthy clients include Duany Plater-Zyberk, Design Collective, Sasaki Associates, TPUDC, and Valle Valle & Partners.

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