Julia Sanford

Starr Sanford Design Associates

902 Ladies Street
Amelia Island, FL 32034


Starr Sanford Design Associates is a Design Studio focused on incorporating vernacular traditions with sustainable design and high performance building technologies. Their practice was founded in 1996 with residential projects characterized by an interest in the regional traditions of the South as well as the French, English, Spanish and Dutch Colonial architecture of the West Indies. Julia was brought to Rosemary Beach and surrounding areas to help foster this interest, and to illustrate the intent of various development codes. Their homes are distinctive in their attention to historical proportion and detail; the designs are distinguished by their old world techniques of wood joinery, heavy timber framing, and the grace of a relaxed aesthetic. The architecture recognizes a traditional environmentally sensitive approach to residential design with "outdoor living rooms" enhanced by natural climate control, verandas, balconies, large windows, louvered shutters, etc.

   Their most recent projects represent explorations into more actively sustainable construction through the incorporation of established regional practices. Their focus includes traditional vernacular approaches such as building orientation, cross ventilation, deep overhangs and porches, and tall ceilings. They are analyzing the cost vs. return of water recovery and storage systems, solar power, appliances with energy star rating, added insulation, exterior living spaces, roof gardens, and courtyards. Equal square footage is allotted for interior living space as well as exterior…summer kitchens, porches, verandas, and balconies. In the tradition of the Southern "shotgun" and "dogtrot", houses are typically one room wide to allow for cross ventilation. While exploring the Florida Green Building Coalition's rating checklists as well as The Council For Sustainable Florida's Awards programs, they are developing a residential model focusing on the practical applications of energy conservation. 

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