Chris Sides

Sides Design

1407 SW Jefferson Street
Athens, AL 35611


Chris Sides is a graduate-architect and talented designer with 20 years of experience in commercial and residential construction. Chris earned his Bachelor of Architecture at Auburn University and has professional experience that ranges from master planning of communities to custom home design, from interior millwork design to the creation of custom landscaping plans.

Chris has been an advocate for traditional town planning and architecture for many years, and helped to raise the standard for design in North Alabama while Director of Architectural Operations for Mouzon & Associates Architects & Traditional Town Planners. This firm’s work encompassed a wide range of building types and included several award-winning commercial and municipal projects. Chris was a team member for the esteemed house plan collection “Biltmore Estate Homes,” published by Southern Living magazine. He participated with PlaceMakers on several Traditional Neighborhood Development design charrettes in various locations around the country, creating much-loved pedestrian-friendly, mixed-use communities.

Chris now operates his own business, Sides Design, with emphasis on the design and production of custom home plans suited to the context of traditional neighborhoods. He believes that the heart of architecture lies within the proportions and details; and that the success of any designer relies upon his ability to listen to the clients needs and wishes, study the features of a particular site, and incorporate this into a custom design that reflects this collaboration between owner and designer.

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