Street Design

Street Design

The Secret to Great Cities and Towns
John Massengale & Victor Dover

Victor Dover and John Massengale know how to fix America's neighborhoods, cities, and towns: make them walkable again. That begins with great streets where people want to be, where they feel comfortable, safe, and charmed by their surroundings. Street Design looks at hundreds of streets old and new, shows us what works and what doesn't, and reveals the secrets behind designing beautiful streets and walkable places.

This useful and transformative guide:

• Shows examples of over 150 excellent streets and explains why they are successful and how they were designed and created

• Reveals crucial elements that many modern street designs lack

• Offers step-by-step instruction on how to design new streets and improve existing ones to create more walkable cities and towns

• Highlights common street-design challenges and ways they can be addressed through placemaking

• Features more than 500 color and black-and-white photos

• Includes contributions from twenty of the leading design experts in the field, including Andrés Duany, Lèon Krier, and the former mayor of Milwaukee

Street Design is the ideal handbook for urban designers, civic leaders, architects, city planners, engineers, and landscape architects, and essential reading for any person who wants to make their community walkable and create memorable streets that are not mere routes to someplace else, but the great places to which other routes lead.

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