The New Urban Guild convened a summit in Miami in January to consider the principles and framework of what is now known as Project:SmartDwelling. This is an initiative to build smaller, smarter, and more sustainably. All three of these foundation principles depend to varying degrees on the region in which you’re building. One of the major tasks coming out of the summit was the development of a regions map of the US, as the US is where the pilot projects of Project:SmartDwelling are taking place. That map has now been set.

We began with climatic regions established by the US Department of Energy. These include the US Gulf Coast and Southern Atlantic Lowcountry, the desert Southwest, the marine climate of the US West Coast, the temperate region of middle America, and the cooler region of the North.

Because sustainability depends on regional conditions, climate, and culture, we further divided the temperate region along the Appalachians due to the cultural differences to either side of the mountains. We call these the Mid-Atlantic and the South. We divided the cooler region into three: the Northeast, the Great Plains, an the Rockies.

Because the more Guild members live and work in the Gulf Coast, the Mid-Atlantic, and the South, look for some of the first designs in those regions. But over time, look for them in other regions as well, and also in other countries.

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